Registration Policies

Registration policies are available here.

Selling .rio domain registrations

Only ICANN-Accredited Registrars can ask our IANA contact for credentials to our restricted area.

Resellers might contract one of the reseller-oriented registrars of this list.
We take abuse issues very seriously, and consider many activities as abuse. Our registration policies bring further detail on channels to address possible incidents.


Registration Data Directory Services for .rio domains are avaible at WHOIS.

ICANN educational and policy materials on WHOIS are available here.

Zone access policy

We comply with ICANN requirements on zone file access through CZDS. We reserve right to terminate any allowed access if misuse is detected, even ones with no expiration date.

DNSSEC Practice Statement

For information on how DNS Security (DNSSEC) is handled within .rio, please see our DPS.

Further Rio information

More information on the city of Rio de Janeiro available here.